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Daniel Pierce

**Daniel Pierce "EYES IN THE PINES"-Bear-Wildlife-Alaska-Canda-Wilderness-Art*PP


EYES IN THE MIST by Daniel Pierce 16x28 FRAMED PRINT Wolf Wolves Winter Snow


*Daniel Renn Pierce "DOUBLE TAKE"-Cougars-Winter-Wildlife-Art**


Daniel Pierce "SUNLIT SILENCE" Loons-Lake-Winter-Wildlife-Art $295 ARTIST PROOF


**Daniel Pierce "PLAYTIME"-Wolf-Wolves-Timberwolf-Winter-River-Wildlife-Art**


Daniel Pierce "WATERFALL RIDGE"Wolf-Wolves-Winter-Wildlife-Art $295 ARTIST PROOF


**Daniel Pierce "SPRING THAW"-White Wolf-Winter-Wolves-Waterfall-Wildlife-Art**


*Daniel Pierce "ANSWERING THE CALL"-Wolf-Wolves-Timberwolf-Winter-Wildlife-Art**


**Daniel Pierce "VISIONS OF GRANDER"-Cat-Wildlife-Mirror Magic-Reflection-Art**


VISIONS OF GRANDEUR by Daniel Renn Pierce 18x26 FRAMED PRINT Cat Mirror Cougar


Vintage Art Print - COUGAR Giclee by Daniel Pierce *VERY RARE*


Vintage Art Print - WATERFALL RIDGE by Daniel Pierce *VERY RARE*


Vintage Art Print - FACE TO FACE by Daniel Pierce *VERY RARE*


Wildlife Mosaics Wolf 20x24 Black Wood Framed Art Print by Daniel Renn Pierce


**Daniel Pierce "MOUNTAIN DEW" ORIGINAL Painting-Black Panther-Cat-Art $5500*


**Daniel Pierce "TIGER COLLAGE"-Safari Wildlife-Cats-African-Africa-Art $295*


**Daniel Pierce "GREAT BARRIER REEF" ORIGINAL Painting-Pacific Ocean--Art $8500*


**Daniel Pierce "TIGER COLLAGE"-Safari Wildlife-Cats-African-Africa-Art $145*


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